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Welcome to the A1 Gaming Group website. 

The A1 Gaming Group is an ArmA 2 Combined Operations gaming community. We like to focus on playing Arma 2 Combined Operations as we feel that this game has still a lot to offer. Our Server hosts the very popular Insurgency 1.50 game mode and the server thus far is very popular. There are 24 slots on this server and is populated well almost every day. We feel this is good evidence that ArmA2 still has a good audience. 

The server allows mods such as JSRS and Blastcore Visuals as we believe these mods make the gamer even more exciting to play. 

In this group there are no rankings like in other groups except for a few admins on the site and server. Regular contributors to the site and server can be made admins also. 

So if you are still interested in playing ArmA 2 and like us love the insurgency game mode  then you should pay the server a visit and play with us. The server is simply called A1 Server. Hope to see you there.
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